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Welcome to clair pakistan . We urge you to read the following terms and conditions regularly as they are changed or updated time to time:

Accessing the store:

By accessing to our site, you confirm that you are agreed with the terms and conditions we have set for our users. In any case, if are you are not satisfied with any of our term or condition, you better refrain yourself by using this store or you better contact us about the problem you have so that we may find a solution.

Restrictions on Users:

If you are a user of our store, you must not misuse the store by all means. You are strictly prohibited to add any malicious material on it that can harm the store technologically. You are also restricted in fact not allowed to send any promotional or spam material to us. Consequently, any harmful material by you will be regarded as criminal offense and you will have to face legal enforcement authorities for you criminal act. 

User Submissions:

In case of the submission of any review, comment, or suggestion, you are supposed to use your own name and email address and it will be taken as a criminal act if you use any other’s name or email address without his/her permission. Also, after the submission, the store has the authority to use your name with your submission and your submission of any comment, review, or suggestion will become then the property of the store. So, try the use genuine name and post genuine and ethical comments and reviews on the store. 

Ordering a Product:

Our store has the simplest and easiest process to order a product and the details we collect remain secret to us only. Anyhow, in some exceptional cases, an order may get cancelled for some genuine reasons. You need to understand that the store holds the authority to cancel or refuse an order at any time if there is any genuine problem. 

It happens only with some really genuine problems and if it happens to you, we will contact you with regards to the problem and with your corporation, the problem can surely be resolved. 

Linking Clair pakistan

You may link the homepage of this store only in a way that is not damaging the reputation of the store by any means. Also, you can’t establish any endorsement or association using our store without our permission. If you do so, it will be taken as a criminal act by you and the store will not be responsible for any damage to you because of this wrongful act.  


All the property of the store including its design, content, text, software, photos, music, graphics, videos, and other things are protected by the copyright law of Pakistan and international standards. All rights are reserved and you may go through a legal process if you use any of our property illegally. 

Complains/ Suggestions:

We really consider your complains and suggestions as our first priority. If you have any complain or suggestion, feel free to share with us at clairs.pk@gmail.com! 






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